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Privacy Policy - Dhta Systems Pvt Ltd

Dhat Systems is a leading software development company offering all kind of services regarding website. Our services includes Software Development, Web Development, App development, Branding and Digital Marketing etc.

Dhta Systems is strongly pledged to keep privacy and personal information private and we do not share this info at any cost. This information might be taken in order to provide services in best possible way. We do not sell this information to any third party or any rental services.

We use your email to share our Premium Services, Offers and Discounts through email. This helps us to keeps our services relevant that meets all clients requirement.

We understand that there is no obligation to share your personal information to Dhta Systems. It is assumed that you might get thousands of fake calls and emails if any organization like us leak this information. We care about and do not provide to anybody. You ensure your 100% privacy and protect your data.

Our website has few portfolio sites with respective links. Dhta Systems don’t guarantee to show your site, links or app links. We don’t use cookies to collect information and never track our visitors to make sure your safety and security.

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